Parque de Doñana, Andalucia

Each year, the semi-wild horses of the National Park of Doñana are brought out en-mas to be assessed by their owners and vets, paraded through the villages of El Rocío and Almonte and returned to the park. Some will be treated, some sold, all will be admired in a spectacle not only for the beauty of these magnificent creatures but for the tradition that underlines and enhances the profound connection between men and horses. Having loved horses since very small this project has been personally a very beautiful journey.


I chose to present the images using a technique of soft colour overlay on B&W to touch on how I felt about the light rather then how it was digitally recorded; how the air was filled with a fine dust; and, how it adds a romantic edge to that sense of noble tradition.


I was accompanied by two esteemed photographers on a very rare permit to enter the park; Sergio Pulido and Antonio Camoyán

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© Neil Montgomery