Personal project about memories and walls

'Un Pasado Violento'  (First image)


This montage image come from my series 'La Memoría de la Pared' (The Memory of the Wall) in which, through texture and pattern from the surface and circumstance of pieces of wall, we find a narrative. In 'Un Pasado Violento' (A Violent Past) the soft lines, gentle textures and pastel colours of the background disguise the brutality of the history behind the two sections of wall merged here. The small window comes from the Juderia district of Seville where on 6th June 1391 4,000 Jews were slaughtered and the remainder baptised; the yellow lintel and ledge symbolise the yellow badge all Jews were compelled to wear. The background arches come from the interior of the Reales Atarazanas (Royal Dockyards) in Seville, the main port of departure for the conquest of the New World and which later would support the Army as an artillery base during the Franco regime.


Winner - Stills Gallery 'Montage' Photography Competition



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