Colaborative project with SUSO33

Realised through the kind support of CICUS (Centro de Iniciativas Cultural de la Universidad de Sevilla) and Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla.


SUSO33 sets a stage of pre-modernism, inviting an existential anxiety and fear in the face of an abyss of uncertainty that provokes a desire for a new spiritual enlightenment, a rebirth of transcendence and significance, and a different perspective on the value of living through disentangling the constraints on creativity brought about by neo-liberalism and post-modern, capitalist, counterfeit freedom.


The presentation and the works are informed to no small degree by my anthropological work on consciousness and guided in particular by the muses of Albert Camus and the Philosophy of the Absurd, which he regarded as “a lucid invitation to live and to create.”

© Neil Montgomery